Not Forgetting The Older #MarkHWords Out There

Before this post and the plan to chronicle those #MarkHWords, I’d already created quite a few of these wacky acronyms and shared them, mainly on Facebook. I want to capture them as well in my chronicle for posterity.

How to do this?

It’s highly unlikely that I’ll crank out #MarkHWords acrostic pieces in the high thousands. So starting the numbering sequence backwards, from 9999, will work well to accommodate the older creations. This would take up a few tens of places at most.

For this backwards numbering scheme, I will start with recent #MarkHWords you’d seen in earlier posts. Followed by scouring my notes and also the ‘Net for more acronyms I had posted.

I will be assigning the MHW numbers based on which acronym I come across first — there’s no other meaningful order I can follow practically.