A couple of days ago, I had a nice Sunday lunch out at an eatery found and booked via an online dining reservation app.

This was what I ate…

The spoils of online dining: Ninja Cut's menu item - What's Your Beef?

That’s a neat piece of rib eye roast beef, accompanied by corn kernel, sauteed mushrooms and carrots. In the middle was a nicely done wobbly onsen egg.

Simply heavenly!

And underneath all that — hard to tell from the photo, though — was a good serving of mixed Japanese white and brown rice.

What a filling and totally satisfying meal this was. And it tasted healthy too ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, where did I go?

That’s Ninja Cut at Seah Street. And I had ordered their “What’s Your Beef?” item with “Ninja Rice” to go along.

This hearty meal set me back S$21.40, but essentially I paid only slightly more than 50%. That’s because I earned a S$10 credit for this visit, courtesy of the online dining app’s loyalty program.

Good deal, right?

Food is On My Mind…

Yup, food is the topic of this week’s post.

Specifically, I will be talking about how to enjoy fabulous eats without blowing a hole in the pocket. All by way of using online dining apps to find great dining deals.

Sometimes we can find outright discounts, as much as 50% off. This may look similar to credit card 1-for-1 offers, but you can’t dine alone with those.

(Yeah, I do enjoy eating solo occasionally.)

Other times, we would need to get creative by leveraging loyalty programs and special promo codes to save money. It’s not that hard, by the way.

To start off, let’s look at how to find meal deals with straight discounts.

eatigo App — (Off-Peak) Dining with (As Much As) 50% Discount

You may be familiar with Groupon (now called Fave) where deeply-discounted meal deals could be had. In fact, some of these offers were so hot that thousands upon thousands of users had paid Groupon money upfront to secure the deals.

As such, these favoured eating places would have business lined up for months on end.ย But there was a real problem: reserving a table can be trying and subject to daily quota. And your Groupons have expiry dates.

In short, you would have paid for a service which is yet to be rendered. Certainly not the best way as your funds are being tied up!

Enter eatigo, with a new twist of a solution.

eatigo splash page

Everyone wins with this model ๐Ÿ™‚

Do note that drinks and in-house promotional items like set lunch are excluded from discount considerations. And there may be service charge and GST to pay on top of the good-deal meal offer. Always read the T&Cs to avoid surprises.

eatigo Perks — Occasional Shopping Vouchers & Surprises

There isn’t a loyalty program with eatigo. Doesn’t really make sense as their users already enjoy deep discounts from food deals.

So there is no such thing as a sign-up bonus or any referral program of sorts. Anyone can sign up for an eatigo account without missing out on new-member deals.

eatigo reward

All one has to do is key in the appropriate valid promo code when making an online restaurant reservation.

And because the codes are usually valid for only a day, an eatigo user must be quick to decide where he or she wants to dine at. Luckily, the reservation date can be up to a month in advance.

As long as no cancellation is done and the booking has been attended, the extra reward can be redeemed afterwards.

Not too shabby, I’d say of this eatigo perk.

Favourite Online Dining Bookings with eatigo

One of my favourite food is shabu-shabu, that Japanese hotpot meal.

eatigo Suki-ya page

More into seafood? If you like fish and chips or grilled seafood, you can use eatigo to dine at Manhattan Fish Market and go easy on your pocket. Try other places, too.

And if you are adventurous and want fine dining, head to Royale @ Mecure Singapore Bugis — this hotel is on Middle Road — and savour their delectable beef steaks. Book a 5pm early dinner and pay only half ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, as you browse the various meal offers on the eatigo app, let your eyes guide you to deals which make you salivate; and let that tummy be satisfied. Yeah!