My chest felt congested; my breathing shallow. The nose seemed stuck.

Never before have I felt tired after climbing up the steps of the overhead bridge. It wasn’t that I was panting or anything, but there was certainly cause to rest!

There was just this dull feeling — a tightness in the chest area, but no pain at all. Within minutes I’d be ok, though my nose remained stuffy.

This experience worried me. And soon I was to have it a couple more times.

Yup, I haven’t been well of late on the health side 🙁

A Trip to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Clinic

And so I made that trip to the TCM clinic. Again, actually; after a break of nearly 2 months.

The Chinese physician felt my pulse on both wrists. And then she proceeded to listen to my chest with the scope. Yes, Western equipment can be found in use in Traditional Chinese Medicine practice too. That surprised me when I first saw it previously.

My blood pressure was also measured — nothing worrying here.

Then the doc asked the usual questions: Was I eating well? Am I passing motion regularly; and of what “quality”? Did I undertake strenuous work or exercise?

As I shared with her what the Polyclinic GP did for me, she enquired about the type of nasal spray prescribed and also the pill. Interesting that she asked about these.

Anyway, I reiterated my main grouses — the inability to get good sleep due to cough; stiffness in the chest area; and the blocked nose. TCM doc took a look at the nostrils and said the nose looked ok inside.

But it certainly didn’t feel so — it’s stuck somewhat!

It’s Medicine Time…

With that, it was time to prescribe the herbal medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine sachets

This comes in the form of convenient tear-away sachets, one bag to be taken twice daily. All in, I’d get 14 TCM sachets strung in a neat strip, good for a week.

I call it the “soil medicine” because the brown stuff sure looks like it when mixed in water. Just look at that photo of the cup!

This special concoction sure tastes awful. But I managed.

And it is delivering results.

TCM powder in water looking like soil medicine

Results that the nasal spray and oral med couldn’t give.

Changes For Good

With the use of traditional Chinese medicine, some tweaks need to be done to derive maximum efficacy from the formula.

For one, I understand that our bodies can have different constitutions and different levels of tolerance. Me, I seem to need to avoid cooling foods as they would “weaken” (my own terminology) my body’s defence and functions.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice — Watch What You Eat!

And so I have to start paying attention to what I eat.

Salad unconsumed

Out goes food like salads, raw fish — I’m gonna miss them salmon and tako sashimi! — and chilled stuff. All not suitable based on Traditional Chinese Medicine diet guidelines.

No cold drinks for me; in fact, I had cut down almost completely on drinking iced water.

As for soft drinks, they were long gone from my diet! Good for me, right?

No to fruits kept in the fridge too. Leaving them outside at room temperature is better (in my case).

Now, I’m thinking the occasional ice cream treat should be ok. Anyway, I scoop only one to two tablespoons max at one go 🙂 Shhh!

Juicy beef steak