Where Are You Gonna Shop?

We now know three ways to buy things from China:

  1. Taobao Collection at Lazada, where some 400k popular products curated from the Chinese marketplace can be bought.
  2. AliExpress, where both popular and obscure made-in-China items are available; and where drop shipping is widely supported.
  3. Taobao, which brings you closest to the Chinese market and lets you buy almost everything the locals have access to; except for prohibited items per Singapore’s import regulations.

Which online shopping platform is right for you? Which one should you choose to get the best deals, especially when buying from China?

(Incidentally, The Alibaba Group owns all 3 platforms we have discussed in my two posts about buying direct from China! From a positive perspective, that means you will be able to access the Chinese market without hindrance.)

Now, it all depends on your personal inclination and strengths, really. More so, your appetite for adventure, level of patience and risk tolerance would dictate how things would go.

I’d say go try each platform at least once.

Get help if you are struggling with shopping at Taobao — your Chinese friends or colleagues can surely overcome any language handicap you may have. For all you know, they could have bought direct from China themselves.

Yes, have fun buying cheaper; buying good goods (pun, lah) and buying from the source. Just don’t break the bank or run out of storage space πŸ™‚

And if you have bought from China or used any of the 3 platforms mentioned, why not share your experience with our readers, so that more people can learn about online shopping? Your comments are most welcome, with thanks.