So I’ve made up my mind to blow away the cobwebs and have another go at it. But this has nothing to do with mobile gaming per se.

Had put this off for the longest time; and meant to restart yesterday, but that didn’t happen 🙁

With just about an hour before the day ends, I’m determined to put out this post today!

Yes, no more procrastinating!!


No Thanks, Murphy’s Law — Go Away!

That darned Windows 10 laptop isn’t co-operating — now’s not the time to go do those updates in the background and eat up all the CPU resources, dummy!!!

Ya, those things which Windows will do without asking permission, at the time you don’t really want it to.

Even Task Manager can’t be launched to kill whatever processes that are hogging the system — it’s that bad!

After a good 15-minute wait, it’s enough with this nonsense. I’m going to use my reliable Samsung Galaxy S2 tablet to begin writing; this post can get published later, backdated.

What’s Got Me Hooked?

About 2 weeks ago I think, I downloaded this mobile game app on my Android.

Good looking game, ain’t this? It’s actually quite fun to play Klondike Adventures!

I do like mobile gaming though I seldom play on my phone or tablet, but somehow the ads for this particular game got to me…

You see, I do enjoy word games and I have the free version of UpWords on my devices.

And because it’s a free version, it is laden with adverts — that’s how the app developers are monetizing their work by “giving it away”. Nothing wrong with that, for there really is no free lunch out there lol.

So with every move I make on UpWords, an ad pops up after my turn for a good 10 to 15 seconds. It’s supposedly random in that Google would have a ready pool of advertisers to show ads for.

However, a certain theme seemed to have taken hold: teasers for games which appear to suggest those mobile games would have lots of puzzles similar to what have been shown. That’s how they got me interested!

During one of those waits after my word play in UpWords, I gave in and downloaded this game called Klondike Adventures from the Play Store.

And it’s got me hooked so far!

Klondike Adventures: What Is This Mobile Game About?

This game turned out nothing like what the teaser ads showed, unfortunately. Those interesting puzzles I saw frequently advertised were just the tip of the iceberg!

In this simple “adventure-themed with repeated-actions” game, for lack of a better way to describe it, the puzzles make up perhaps less than 5% of the whole thing. And they are too simple to solve, without any increase in difficulty as game play progresses.

If so, then why did I still continue to play this mobile game?

Idea Behind Vizor App’s Klondike Adventures Game

I shall not bore you with the details of this game, nor try to attempt to tell you everything I’ve encountered so far up to Level 20.

But I will share the idea of the game; perhaps that’s the very essence to explain why I’m stuck…

Imagine you have garden beds and are given beans and rye to plant for a start.

Home base of Klondike Adventures is where production activities are done.

After you harvest the beans, you can turn them into chicken feed in the barn. With this feed, the birds will begin laying eggs which you can store to make cheese (in conjunction with other items) at the dairy.

Cheese is required for baking a pumpkin cheesecake, among other cakes; again, other ingredients are needed to do this.

And then you have cows and sheep, which need to be fed and their produce can in turn be turned into other stuff…

Not forgetting other production activities like woodworking, glass making, furniture assembly, etc. Plus using what you have on hand to go on various adventures to gain even more items.

You get the drift.

In short, this game is premised on some kinda food chain. And there is some reasonable logic behind it.

The catch is how to produce efficiently – this and the science are likely the elements which appealed to me and drew me in, I’m guessing.

Game Mechanics — What’s Cooking in a Game Like Klondike Adventures?

The mechanism supporting this nifty game comes down to just one thing: count-down timers.

Yes, it’s indeed that simple!

No physics like those needed in Angry Birds to compute trajectory, for example. Or machine thinking as found in, say a chess game, Scrabble and such.

Because every production activity in Klondike Adventures is rooted in time, or more accurately the passing of it. As examples, it takes 45 seconds to grow a bean, twenty minutes to grow corn and an hour and a half to manufacture a bed.

So, there’s a timer associated with each pending activity and the game player gets to see how much time is left before a task completion. Knowing such can help you plan better in terms of efficient production – you could parallelize by acquiring more facilities and/or start different jobs based on your own schedule (which you will need to figure out, of course).

That’s it, plain and simple.

But there’s the evil twist…

You get energy from certain events in the game and you’ll expend this very quickly while performing tasks in the adventures. If you can’t wait to finish sooner – be mindful that temptation is always present and real! – there is the option of spending money to acquire the needed elements.

(For sure, you can easily conclude I’m not one to make in-game purchases. That’s why I’m still living with ads in my UpWords lol)

Note to self: if creating an app game, must find and invest in resources to design and implement good-looking graphics and effects! Next will be music and sound effects. The game logic itself can be simple, but it is the looks that kill as far as an enjoyable and involved game play is concerned.

How Much Longer Will I Stay With This Game?

Fair question, actually.

There’s a limit to how far game play can really progress without throwing moolah at it; or resorting to installing a hacked apk to accelerate the pace. I’m not in favour of either and both, so will not be surprised if play stops soon.

By the way, the game rewards you each day you continue playing.

Klondike Adventures daily reward screen
Each day you play Klondike Adventures, you get rewarded with a surprise chest.

You can see I’ve been at it for nearly 15 days. That could only mean one thing: the end is nigh lol.

If this post has somehow piqued your curiosity about Klondike Adventures, I’ve included the app download links below for your convenience. Enjoy! 😉

(links to be added soon…)

It’s now 1:20am and the laptop is still in limbo land! Gotta find some time to explore how to tweak the machine for better performance…