I started to become active on the Internet some time in late 2010. That’s about when I seriously pondered my online presence.

It’s not that I haven’t been online before that. Sure, there was Email, IRC chats, etc. And I was using Pacific Internet dial-up then.

There was something before PacNet but I can’t recall it now…

Yea, that was a long time ago. Especially long if you consider how fast the Internet has evolved!


Beginning with this second post, I plan to allocate up to 2 hours for writing.

Plus another 30-45 minutes to do formatting, add images and proof-read.

Perhaps 15 minutes for some SEO and last-minute edits.

So all in, I’d spend at most 3 hours to bring out an article.

That’s my goal… starting today!

A reminder of the other Mark Heng's online presence - Homepage of markheng.com
markheng namesake domains available for my online presence

Are You Ready to Create Your Online Presence?

At this point, I’m handing it over to you — the ball is in your court.

I’m assuming you haven’t staked a claim on the ‘Net. If you have done so, I’m happy for you. Keep it going well! And tell us about what you do by commenting below 🙂

So, do you want to be found on the Internet? After all, we live in the digital world as much as the physical. There’s opportunity for you and others to connect online too.

Do you have things to say or do which can benefit other people if they knew where to find you? It’s not necessarily about making money. It could be hobbies you are involved in and you’d love to have other hobbyists interact with you; form a community perhaps.

Or maybe you write poems and would like someone to critique and even learn from. Or have a strong knowledge in Maths and are keen to help others struggling with the subject.

You see, it could be about anything. Yet not just plain anything because it would have your identity on it. For you are the one producing this unique content.

In short, are you ready for your online presence to begin?

By all means, have a look around the Internet, take note of what you see and liked, do a little bit of research. Basically, get started to put yourself on the Web.

If you need a purpose to do so, think about using your presence and identity to help or give back to others online. Be it knowledge you gained or something new you found from it. There’s no better way than sharing in this form… on the ‘Net.

I hope you’d find markheng.info is such an example 🙂