What had struck me immediately about the word were the last 3 letters: AGE. It was obvious to me those were screaming out “After Getting Engaged!”

That’s how my grey matter factory up there works, by the way — I’d see such “hidden” messages when I’m in the zone 🙂

With such a highly relevant tail-end for (what I call) a word acronym, I pondered the possibilities and came up with this tongue-in-cheek one about not rushing into marriage.

#MarkHWords - Marriage Acronym funny version

(In case you don’t quite know Singlish, which is Singapore-style English, “anyhowly” is like an adverb which means “without due consideration” roughly.)

#MarkHWords - Marriage Acronym serious version

Live Life — What a Nice Interplay of Word Acronyms!

Of late, I had been reading about being in the Now and experiencing life for what it really is. A certain book may have been the trigger for this next #MarkHWords example.

#MarkHWords - Live Life, interplay of word acronyms

I really love this neat #MarkHWords creation, to be honest. Let me know what you think with your comments, please.