I reckon this is a much-dreaded word for many people.

Myself included, until I started to embrace it as necessary for my well-being.

Actually, I had been on and off working out for the past 2 to 3 years, the last time being around July last year. That was the time my father-in-law passed away; and I happened to be down with high fever.

And lost weight subsequently!

While I did recover from illness, I did not regain the motivation to resume exercising. Staying away from the gym soon became a normal thing to do… and before I knew it, the old year ended and a new one began.

It was not until another half year had elapsed in 2017 that I decided to take up exercise seriously again. Yes, I have restarted my exercise plan… with clear objectives.

What Are My Exercise Goals?

I’m not really into numbers as far as working out is concerned. So I stayed with a simple requirement: 30 mins each day; burn about 150 calories each time.

The more important objective for me was to make exercise into a habit, much like eating, sleeping, showering, etc. Something that becomes very necessary for living and hopefully a task that I’d look forward to.

Of course, if I ended up with some muscles showing, so much the better. But the main aim is to keep fit and give the heart some work to do each day.

Mark's treadmill exercise profile created in July 2017
Gym Exercise Bike display

This is how my time is spent biking:

  • 0 – 4 mins — 1:3 sequence (2 rounds)
  • 4 – 30 mins — 1:2 sequence (26 rounds)
  • 30 – 34 mins — 1:3 sequence (2 rounds)
Gym Exercise Machine - Lateral Pulls etc
Gym Exercise Machine - Freedom Press etc
Gym Exercise Machine - Leg Extension etc

Music Makes Great Company During Workouts

To be honest, I had never felt the need to have music while I exercised. But a couple of years back, I decided to put on the headphones and listen to my favourite songs.

In a way, having music for company is nice in that it helps to lessen the mundane. And provides an opportunity to really listen to songs like never before.

At times, I’d found inspiration for song parodies and WittyCulus material while working out in the gym 🙂

So, what are the songs in my mobile phone?

Well, lots of Bee Gees for sure; plus Andy Gibb, Jeff Chang and Stefanie Sun — these are like my staples. Along with them, I have Korean OSTs, Air Supply, Carpenters, Cliff Richard, SHE and others.

Enough to keep me busy for a month before I repeat anything!